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Stonewall Speakers Corona virus Addition

Stonewall speakers wishes good health for all of the speakers, the Queer community, and to the world at this time. We are excited to work with our community to provide remote video engagements with facilities as they become available.

We have exciting news. I have come back into the organization on a temporary basis to assist with providing some direction and support of the organization. More importantly, we have added 4 new board members over the past 2 months. These are Lynn Discenza, Jacob Gardner, Keith Burton, and AJ Eckert. These 4 new board members have already added new energy and momentum for the organization. It is so exciting to be working with such a great diverse group.

We have also started the transition to a new coordinator Shane Scott. This will take place over the next month or so.

We are looking to have an event in a few weeks. A Stonewall Speakers Virtual Party. We will get the news out to you in the next week.

We are also taking some time to re brand our website and get our Facebook page current. We will provide updates.

This has been a challenging time for all of us, and we look forward to seeing you all soon.


Stephen Thomas

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So glad to see that so much wonderful work continues to be done with new faces and the support of past officers and board members.

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