The following comments come from students and their teachers we have spoken to over the past few years.



"At first I didn’t think that the speakers were gay. It shows that gay people don’t all look alike."


"The speakers were good at addressing us kids. They had unique stories and demonstrated how difficult homosexuality is for a lot of people to accept. I never would have expected him to be gay if for some reason I saw him on the street, he didn’t fit the stereotype, which shows me that you really can’t judge anyone on his appearance."




"Though I am kind of a homophobe, I can now see how gay people are. I now see how much they suffer when they hide their sexual status. The two Stonewall speakers seemed like really cool gay people."


"I used to be homophobic but now I realize that they are normal people like us. They didn’t choose to be like that."




"Your stories all were profound and inspirational. I never even knew any of the personal pain you each have suffered through. Thank you for opening my eyes even more. I am sorry for all of your suffering, but I wish you love and happiness."


"I thought the Stonewall Speakers were an eye-opener for me, because it let me know how hard it is to come out of the closet and the kind of discrimination that can happen."




"Please let all the Stonewall Speakers know they did a fabulous job. They informed us, inspired us, made us think, made us feel, and made us understand. We are deeply indebted to them for this rich educational experience. We left changed for the better as people."


"I learned that they aren’t that different from other people."


"The speakers were very informative and I respect them when they openly spoke of their sexual orientation and how painful it is."



"I really enjoyed listening to all your stories and my respect for the LGBT community increases day by day. Your stories gave me a new perspective about people in the LGBT community."


"The speakers changed the way I have thought about homosexuals. I never realized what gay people go through in their lives."




"I am currently in a relationship with another girl and I am madly in love with her! We've been together for a year and two months now and I love her with all the heart in me. Hearing your stories made me see that two girls in love is possible!"


"To be honest, I usually don't pay attention when we have guest speakers, but I loved your presentation! I love how you guys are comfortable about who you really are no matter what people think."


"Thank you for presenting today, your words relate to me. Like you, I am transgender and I was supposed to be born female. I'm afraid to tell my family because they are all homophobic. My girlfriend of one year lets me be myself at her home, i.e. crossdress. She's the only one I'm myself around. Thanks for being what I'm not."


"Your story inspired me and my heart. To see you still stand powerfull even when things were falling around you made me feel that I could handle any obstical. Thank you!"


"Thank you for telling your stories, they taught me that you can make big changes just with one action. You are amazing people with unforgettable stories. It was something I won't forget."




"I know some gay people, and many people aren’t that accepting. However, if there are speakers like Stonewall, people will understand.'


"I thought that the speakers were very good. If kids are having the same problems, they might know how to handle it better now.'





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